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Make money from your Magic Trick

Our Download Affiliate Program is designed to help you make money on your Magic Tricks! It's a simple process. If you have a unique trick or trick variation, you can make quick money or even in-store credit at There are four levels in our program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
Bronze Trick

Silver Trick
Gold Trick
Platinum Trick

$20.00 Cash
$40.00 In-Store Credit
30% of Your Product's Sales

$35.00 Cash
$70.00 In-Store Credit
30% of Your Product's Sales
$50.00 Cash
$100.00 In-Store Credit
30% of Your Product's Sales
$100.00 Cash and up
$200.00 In-Store Credit and up
30% of Your Product's Sales

I have a Great Trick, How do I Make Money?

So you've spend months, maybe even years perfecting your trick and you can't figure out how to make money off all your hard work. Well we are here to help. Simply follow the easy steps to submit your trick to our team and we will market, promote, and get it the exposure and credibility it deserves.

Why Sell Your Trick with Magic Hut?

  • Get Paid!
  • Earn Store Credit to buy more Magic!
  • It's Easy and Free!
  • Gain Exposure!
What If I don't have an Original Trick to Sell?

If you don't have a trick just yet, don't worry there are still tons of ways to make money on Magic Hut. All you have to do is check out our inventory and send us a video review or demonstration of the trick or product. It's that simple. For any video we use, we'll send you an Online Store Credit that you can use to buy any item you like. It's a great way to build up your magic inventory at practically no cost!

Become an Elite Magic Hut Member

Sign up and sell 3 Magic Tricks with us and you'll become a Magic Hut Elite Member. You'll recieve your own profile page with a list of all the tricks you've submitted, a short biography, and your contact information. So not only are you making money from your tricks, but we we'll provide you with a great way to get in touch with other people in the industry.

How much is my Trick worth?

We have a team of magicians who review every trick that is sumbitted to us. We all understand how hard it is to master a new technique or add a new twist to a tried and true illusion, so Magic Hut will always make sure you get the most for all your efforts. There are a few factors that we look at when deciding how much a trick or illusion is worth.
  1. The Quality of the Video or Document
  2. The Difficulty of the Trick
  3. How well your Explanation and Instruction is
  4. Trick Originality

How do I Submit My Trick?

We've made sumbitting your trick incredibly easy and fast. If you're submitting a video, you can either send us the actual file or upload it to YouTube and label it as private. Full instructions for uploading or sending us a video can be found here. If you've got a document for pdf file, it's even easier to send us your trick! Simply send us the docement via email.

Submit your Trick!

What makes a Great Magic Video?

Good Quality
Poor Quality

When you submit a video, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Since these videos are teaching people things, you'll want to make sure they are as clear as possible. A webcam, digital camera, or camcorder are all great ways to record a video. Cell phones or other portable devices might have poor quality.

There are a few things you should include in your video:
  • A Demonstration of the Trick
  • A Detailed Explanation of the Trick
  • Great Presentation and Personality!

What Makes a Great Magic Document?

If you don't want to make a video or would rather just submit a document or write up, that's fine too. Remember, it's harder to explain a trick without a visual so be sure to include some kind of diagram or photo in your document. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible and explain your trick as if the person reading it had never performed a magic trick before. Also remember to include exaclty what material the person will need in order to perform this trick.

    Why Should I trust Magic Hut with my Trick?
You can trust us because we know how hard it is to develop a new trick. Our team of magicians have all created or modified their own tricks and we know how hard it is to give up the secret you've worked so hard to develop. Our program is here to help you reap the rewards of your hard work. We use 3rd party Software to keep track of and log everytime your trick is viewed and downloaded. Magic Hut uses the same tools found on such stores as Ed Hardy, The Barack Obama Campaign Store, Cruthcfield, and Many More. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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