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Video Magic Trick Submission Page
Submit your video and make money off your magic!

Submit Your Magic Trick Video

Fill out the form below to submit your magic trick for review. You will recieve an email with your submission confirmation as well as your payment information and the location where your trick will be posted.



Paypal ID:

Skill Level:

Video Url or Code:

Video Description:

Please enter the following code into the box provided:

By submitting this form you hereby confirm that this trick or variation of a trick is your original creation. By submitting this trick, Magic Hut reserves the right to distribute and sell the trick online and in any other format.

Video Submission Instructions

Sending us your video is quick and easy. Just follow these simple instructions.

The first step is to head over to YouTube create an account and add us as a friend. Head over to and click the button on the right that says "Add as Friend".

Once your account is created and you are friends with MagicHut, click on the "upload" button on the top right.

That will take you to the "Submit a Video"page which looks like this:

Fill out the Title and Description. You can assign it to whatever category you like and you can write any tag as well. Once that is done, click on the Broadcast Options link and let's adjust some of the viewing options. Once you click "choose options", it should look like this:

Click on the Private button and a window expands showing a list of your friends. Click on MagicHut. This allows us to see the video when it's posted. Once that is done scroll down to the bottom where you will find two options:

Click on the "Upload Video" button if you already have a video file on your computer and you just need to upload it. Click on the "Use Quick Capture" if you want to record a video with your webcam. If you choose to upload you existing video, you're screen will look like this:

Simply Browse and find the video file and click upload. If you would rather record a video using your webcam, then you will be taken to a different screen:

You will notice that the Flash Player Settings will pop up and you will have to allow your webcam. Click on the "Allow" box and "Close" and you should see yourself! Simply record the video and once complete, hit the "Publish" button. That's It! You're video is online and ready to roll. You're confirmation screen should give you some important information:

Check out the information inside the "Embed this video on your website" box. This is the information you will want to send us. Simply copy that code and insert it into the submission form on the left.

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