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Criss Angel's Tricks Revealed!
A look inside Criss Angel's Illusions.

The Levitation Trick

One of Criss Angel's biggest tricks is the one he most open about: Levitation.  Both Criss and David Blaine have made this trick extremely popular but Criss seems to have taken the trick to the next level by levitating from one building to another.  We are going to focus on the simpler and most popular variation, levitating about a foot or so.  The key, as you will see in the video to your right is all about having the right wardrobe.  There is a slit in his loose fitting pants that allow Criss to slide is leg out and put it on a chair or box in front of him.  Once he does this he can push off and raise himself to the object's level.  Once on top, you simply "float" back down and slide your foot back into your pants.  Obviously, this levitation trick takes alot of practice and misdirection, but once you master it, it's a great one to have in your repertoire.

This trick and many more can be found in Criss Angel's Mindfreak.

Quarter in the Soda Can Trick

This next trick is sure to amaze and confuse everyone watching. You start by having someone get one of their own quarters and signing it with a marker. Let everyone watch as they put something on both sides of the quarter. Now that the quarter is marked, there is no way you can switch it out and theoretically, there is no way you can put their quarter inside a sealed soda can right? Well, here's where the trick gets fun. Put the marked quarter in the palm of your hand and take the soda in the other. Simply slam the quarter into the bottom of soda can. Now show them the top of the sealed can. The bottom of the can and the quarter should be facing you. Take your thumb and slide the quarter up to the side of the can and hold it. Now you can show them both the top and the bottom of this sealed can. Now for the tricky part. Begin to shake the can telling them that sometimes you can hear the coin inside. As you do this, slide the quarter up to the top lip of the can right where the tab is. The noise it makes as you do this will sound like the quarter is flipping around inside the can. Now simply open the soda and while you do this, drop the quarter inside the open tab. Carefully pour the soda out and the lonely quarter will remain inside, clearly marked.

This trick and many more can be found in Criss Angel's Mindfreak.

The Blow Out Trick

This trick is perfect for beginners and will actually help you develop the hand motions that are crucial to many more advanced tricks. Ask someone to lend you a quarter and grab a straw. Put the Quarter in one of your hands and pretend to grab it with your other. Now, instead of letting your other hand grab the coin, let it drop into the palm of your hand and palm it. Take your other hand away as if you have the coin in it and it will "disappear". Now keeping the quarter palmed in your hand, grab a straw and hold the bottom of it with your quarter hand. Take the empty hand grab the top and blow. As you are blowing simply release the quarter out of your bottom hand and it will look like you've blown the quarter through the straw. It's a very easy trick and luckily, we have a full demonstration video to go along with it.

This trick and many more can be found in Criss Angel's Mindfreak.
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