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Customer satisfaction

  • “Thanks Joana got my 7 tracks today. Pleasure doing biz with you.”

John , Joliet, IL

  • “I love the products you guys supply. All of it is quality magic that blows audiences away keep up the good work!”

  • Estimada Joana recibí el paquete en tiempo y forma y les agradezco mucho su atención y cordialidad. Será hasta la próxima... Saludos!”

Mauro Mangiaterra

  • thank you very much.....I will be ordering...but go ahead and ship the I am still making up my new order...and waiting to try out what I did already purchase. Thank all are a pleasure to do business with and I have already highly recommended your site to three other people.”

Patriciathank you again.

  • “Thanks Joana got my package today I'm sure the kids will love them.

Happy Holidays to you and yours”

John, Joliet, IL

  • “Thank you very much for your help MAGICHUT is a great place of business.” Brenton,
  • “Hi Joana, Wow, another 15% off. Thanks a lot. My last order has been received. Thanks a lot for the good service. I hope your magic trick list will grow. Thanks, Regards,


  • “Some wonderful woman @ Magic Hut added a lot of warmth to my" IcedOver". Now, I can figure out how this trick is done...Thanks To You”


  • "Re: FREE TRICK! from Magic Hut THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the greatest tricks ever! Huge great reactions! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


  • “Hi Joana,Thanks. I'm a happy customer. I can't wait to see my stuff. Have a nice day!! Regards,”


  • Thank you. Thank you. Will tell all my friends also about your new website. Looking forward to continued business with you. thanks again”


  • “Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I received this package in record time and was pleased with my purchase. Thank You,”

Louisa, Cheshire, CT

  • “Thank you again Joana for all your help on this. I look forward in ordering again from Magic Hut,”


  • “Hi Joana, Thank you for your prompt reply... This is my first purchase from Magic and I'm impressed with how fast I received my order and your customer service, I'll wait patiently for my double-backed cards :) Do you happen to have an ETA?”

Thanks again, Rudy Tinoco

  • “Quiero informarte que ayer por la tarde finalmente recibimos el paquete. Muchas gracias por toda tu colaboración.”

Rossibel, San Salvador

  • “Hi Joana, Thanks very much for your quick response. Actually I'm really happy with Magic Hut. This is a little story, I live in Indonesia, due to many fraud, they don't like my credit card which is sad. So, I tried many online shops, only you response. The others hasn't confirmed anything. I really thank you for trusting me, I take it as personal. And for sure I'll shop from you again.”

Regards, Inwan

  • “Hello Joana, Thanks for your note. I didreceive the package today.”

H. Reid Hoke

  • “Hi Joana, Thanks for the reply!! I guess the tracking # on the first e-mail may not have worked. It stated the "package hasn’t entered the mail stream" Anyway, I did receive my order, and I am very pleased. I hope to do business with you again. Thanks Again,”

Bob Paul

  • “Thank you very much for your quick response Joana... Believe me, I realize it's the postal service who are supposed to deliver the package and better yet, supposed to provide tracking information... they told me they would perform a search, but only after 30 days from estimated delivery date... not good uh?

Anyway, I really appreciate your great customer service and your commitment to ship a new package... Kudos to you, the Magic Hut and Mr. Chamo...

(If possible, and available, will there be a tracking No. with this?)

I will keep an eye out for the first package shipped out, and rest assured, when and if delivered, I will most surely ship is back to you... I will contact you for shipping instructions Have a great day,”

Fernando Araiza

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